To Be a Volunteer...

Simply Contact Us at 6755 1770 if you are an adult who wishes to participate and contribute. If you are a Student (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary), you can join our Volunteer Development Programme.

A Volunteer's Role

Volunteers at the Centre do a great deal of good work, and are a huge source of help to the staff as well as bringing welcome relief in the form of fresh faced exuberance to light up the eyes of the elderly.

Volunteering is and always has been a meaningful philanthropy service to the community, and at SWS, volunteering is placed high on the agenda as an important avenue for the public to participate and serve.

At SWS, we have two types of volunteers. One is for any adult (any age) to simply come forward and apply with us, while the other exists primarily for the student body- encouraging youth participation.

Volunteer Development (for students)

The aim of the student programme is:

1. To Give students from the neighbouring secondary schools some insights into social service issues
  2.   To Expose the students to some of the problems faced by the elderly including the disabled elderly
3. To Show the students how they can play an active role in volunteering of their time and service
Since October 1998 for instance, the students from North View Secondary School have been regular volunteers at the centre. They are involved in direct service to the elderly. They assist in the rehabilitation, helping and supervising the elderly during exercise or porting the elderly from the day care to the rehab section for treatment. Some of the students are able to help conduct the exercise class. From time to time, the students also assist in housekeeping work. In recent years, Medical Undergrads from NUS have also been regular volunteers giving off their nascent medical skills as well as sharing their time with the elderly.

  The elderly enjoy their company and several of the students have forged friendships with them. It is hoped that these student volunteers will set examples for their fellow classmates and spread the spirit of volunteerism.

We hope deeply that this volunteering spirit can be sustained, nurtured and carried into adult life. Ultimately we hope that through such awareness and experience, students can go on to actively contribute toward building a more caring and compassionate society.

Paying it forward as a volunteer

Volunteers touch their lives!

On top of basic goodwill in serving the elderly, ultimately the most important reason for most volunteers is that they know how the elderly feel when they are alone.

How many elderly folks would not enjoy companionship during the day? At SWS, we hope many more Volunteers come forward to serve and bolster the many activities! It is the volunteers who really engender a spirit of enthusiasm, fun and excitement! They are in many senses, ideal companionship care-givers!

Sincere Appreciation

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and express our heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to all donors, families of our elderly clients, and the relevant government bodies for the solid support given to Salem Welfare Day Rehab Centre.


SWS sincerely thanks all volunteers for their efforts

Your contribution and support have enabled the Centre to continue and to serve the needs of the elderly residents of Yishun.

What we have achieved so far would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff, the commitment and love of the volunteers especially those form Salem Chapel and the vision and leadership of the Board of Management of Salem Day Rehab Centre. Our belief and desire in making a positive difference in the lives of the elderly would be our motivation and strength.