The Mission Statement of Salem Welfare Services is:

To PRACTICE the biblical injunction of showing kindness to mankind, especially to the poor, needy and destitute.


Since inception in 1997, Salem Welfare Services has constantly strove to remain true to the Vision and Mission of the organisation. The leadership and staff are guided by the vision, mission, philosophy and very commitment have always been rendered as the under girding base rudiment that must be maintained. However, it is important to add that these Vision and Mission statements are not doctrinal truths: they are the principled; ethical bases.

 Sharing the Vision, Mission and Commitment



In order to fulfill the Mission, Salem Welfare Services will:

PROVIDE rehabilitative and support day care services to the aged and frail aged irrespective of race or religion.
RECRUIT a team of volunteers as well as salaried staff who are committed to providing high standards of service and care to our service users.
CREATE a centre that is well designed- with a therapy room complete with rehabilitative equipment.

MANAGE a centre that is very well furnished, spacious and comfortable
FACILITATE communal interaction and recreation, and also provide a conducive environment for recovery.
NURTURE a sequential and progressively comprehensive meal and dietary programme according to dietary needs of service users
ENGAGE the interest of users with a wide variety of activities such as therapeutic games, hobby crafts as well as trips and outings.