Here in this section, we have compiled some testimonials and testimonies from the men and women who have served and been served at the Centre over the years, and would like to share their treasured memories, experiences and hopes for the future, with us.

In no particular order other than by the nature of their roles below, here are a selection you can peruse:

Without a doubt, there is great hope that these testimonies will provide an inspiration to many to both come forward and share in serving with us at Salem Welfare, as well as receiving of our services. It is truly a great gift when one is able to humbly accept the gifts of being both benevolent in giving and gracious in receiving.

The great joy brought to the elderly folk is a great satisfaction gained in volunteering


  My Experience as a Volunteer by Tan Chian Eng (Retiree)

I am privileged to be given the honour of sharing my experience as a volunteer at the Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly.
I am a retiree in almost the same age group as the elderly folks at the Centre. I am joyful to be given the opportunity to serve at the Centre. I report there every Tuesday from 2pm to 5.30pm.

As a Christian, I feel it is imperative for me to obey the teachings in the Bible. To me the Commandment of Christ to love our neighbours as ourselves is not only to be understood but to be practiced as well. Thus, I totally subscribe to the philosophy of the Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly:
• To practice the biblical injunction of showing kindness to mankind, especially to the poor, needy and destitute.
• To provide rehabilitative and support day care services to the aged and frail aged, irrespective of race or religion.
My involvements at the centre are as follows:
1. to provide service and care to the service users
2. to be a companion to them
3. to assist them in their physical movements
4. to provide a listening ear to their problems
5. to join them in group exercises and socio-recreational activities
6. to be their friend

In the course of my service for over a year, I have observed an improvement among the users. The majority have become more cheerful, socially friendlier and physically more mobile. Service at the Centre is not just all work; it has its rewards.
The rewards may not come in the form of monetary gains, but rather in the satisfaction a service provider gets when he sees the joy he is able to bring to the elderly users in their golden years. Satisfaction is when a frown breaks into a toothless smile, and the realization that one’s services are unexpressedly appreciated.

I certainly hope that many will respond to be volunteers in the Centre. Finally, I wish Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre every success.

  What It Means To Be a Volunteer by Susan Teo (Australian PR)

I have been serving as a volunteer worker at the Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for almost a year now. Amid the hustle of bustle of our daily activities, we tend to forget that there are also people around us who need our compassion and help.

I spend on average less than a day a week to tend and interact with those who come to the centre for rehabilitation. With love and compassion, these people improve faster and I am always very joyful whenever any of them show even the slightest progress for I know that there will be much hope for recovery. Through serving the needy, particularly rehabilitation work, where lots of patience and hard work is required, I have learnt to slow down my own activities and adopt a more compassionate approach to life.

  I gained from being a Volunteer by Gemma (Philippines Citizen)

I am Gemma, a Philippine citizen married to a local here. We have two children, a ten year old girl and a five year old boy.
We are attending Salem Chapel and as Salem Welfare Services runs a Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, I felt a need to serve as a volunteer.
I go to the Centre on Wednesday afternoons and spend a lot of time interacting and befriending the service-users thorough exercises and games. Through them, I even picked up some local dialects. As I get to know them better, my heart is filled with love and concern for them. I am also beginning to pray for them. May God’s grace be upon my new elderly friends form the Centre!

  Why I Want To Be a Volunteer by Tan Yit Wah (Tai-Tai)

Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly is part of or church welfare project. As a church member, I want to make an effort to help the elderly. I am not young myself; I am over 70. So long as I have the strength, I will continue to volunteer my services to the Centre. When I come in the mornings, I help the elderly to do their exercises from 9am to 11am. After which they will rest and have their morning tea. Sometimes, I help them go to the toilets. At other times, I talk to them.

Occasionally, I help them in the afternoon sessions. After their naps, the service users will watch TV or we will sing Cantonese songs to them. They seem to enjoy listening to the Cantonese songs. Before long it is time again for them to go home. As a volunteer, I find the work very satisfying especially when I see that the condition of some of them has improved. I thank God for all the staff who is working towards the well-being of the elderly.




  Rehabilitation Care after my Stroke by Ismail Dengkel

I wish to thank all the staff of Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for all the effort and help they have rendered to me. When I first had a stroke in 1995, I was not able to walk. I received my treatment and exercise from Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital and about a month later I was discharged. I was lucky to find Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre which is just a block away from my home. I am one of the first service-users here and I am very happy that I get to meet and interact with other people.

The Centre is equipped with TV and games and there are plenty of places to rest here. The staff and volunteers are helpful. Despite their busy schedules, they never fail to put on a smile. This really makes me and the other service-users feel at home. I wish to express my sincere gratitude for their remarkable work.

  A Time For Thanksgiving by Ong Ah Chee, 79

I came to the Centre last December, through a recommendation by a friend. I use the facilities at least three times a week. The Centre’s van picks me up from my home at 825am and send me back at 530pm. The driver and assistant always take good care of me during the journey. My routine at the Centre starts with individual exercises followed by group exercises, which I have enjoyed very much. I have benefited from these exercises. The physiotherapy I receive once a week also helps relieve pain in my joints.

Apart from the rehabilitative activities, the centre also monitors my diet and blood pressure. The meals provided at the centre take into consideration my dietary restrictions and are balanced and nutritional. More importantly, I appreciate the warmth and care shown to me by the staff and volunteers of the Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre. May God shower all His blessings upon them! THANKS!

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