Rehabilitation services are available at the centre for clients with neurological conditions following discharge from the hospital, or for general rehabilitation after illness. Generally, rehabilitation services are given on a one to one basis.

Rehabilitation includes

1. Detailed Assessments to identify the problems/needs of the clients
2. Planning of an Individualized Treatment Programme which is goal oriented
3. Implementation of appropriate treatment
4.   Continuous Monitoring of the effectiveness of the treatment and the progress of the client.
5. Training of family members in the care of their disabled elderly at home


  Other aspects of rehabilitation includes training in: cognition, sensory and perceptual skills. The staff are also involved in training caregivers (a maid or family members) in the care of the elderly; in the maintenance of some aspects of rehabilitation.

Where necessary, discussion with the family members on client-related issues will be conducted. The centre is equipped with up to date equipment for a more effective, varied and interesting treatment programme.

Rehabilitation is catered to the needs of the user