The Centre employs a full time Physiotherapist as well as Therapy Aides to provide physiotherapy services to all our service-users.

Its well designed therapy room, complete with a comprehensive array of rehabilitative equipment and a well furnished, spacious and comfortable multi-purpose hall in order to provide a conducive environment for recovery and communal interaction.


SWS' physiotherapist guides patients patiently


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy involves the treatment of physical injury, disease and dysfunction through physical agents such as heat, light, sound, electricity and exercises. Physiotherapy thus is an essential part of the recovery process following bone or soft tissue injuries, debilitating illness and surgery. Many long term complications can be mitigated or alleviated by appropriate treatments administered.


Figure of 8: Higher Balance Training

Therapy by Shoulder Climbing

What is a Physiotherapist's role?

Physiotherapists like the one engaged by SWS at our Centre provide the therapeutic treatment for clients based on their medical assessment (reports/history).


A physiotherapist focuses mainly on resolving any immediate pains, and works to stabilise an injury or condition. Physiotherapists then proceed to mitigate and prevent injuries from getting worse, not unlike medical practitioners. The core element of a physiotherapists' role is that of the final step: restoration work to rebuild strength; and movement and function in the person as much as possible. Early intervention prevents a condition from being chronic, keeps muscle and other soft tissue structures from weakening through disuse, speeds healing and increases the chances of recovery.

Hamstring Stretches and Joints Strengthening

Monitoring of Blood Pressure and Weight

Monitoring of blood pressure is carried out weekly. Frequent and close surveillance of the blood pressure is maintained for the elderly who are hypertensive. The staff are also in contact with the referring doctor. Monitoring of the weight of obese elderly folks is also carried out routinely, particularly the diabetic obese, to prevent them from becoming grossly overweight. The staff also impart healthy eating habits to the elderly.