Salem Welfare Services is run as a VWO even as it remains the welfare arm of Salem Chapel, Singapore. The Salem Daycare & Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly is run by Salem Welfare Services Ltd.

The Management Board at SWS consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, and eight other Directors that oversee matters ranging from Pastoral care to Fund-raising. The Board aims to fulfill these functions by implementing policies and initiatives in the best interests of clients and of the organisation. It strongly believes in adopting a fair, transparent and non-partisan approach to affairs and have set several initiatives toward the Centre's continued progress in community effectiveness.




Message from the Chairman (Mr. Perera Clarence Edward, Salem Welfare Services):

“Salem Welfare Services Limited, an affiliate of Salem Chapel Limited, was established on 15 November 1995 with the goal of setting up and operating day rehabilitation centres for the elderly. We want to be part of the nation’s effort to contribute towards the care and well being of the aged.

The demographic shift to an elderly population is not peculiar to Singapore but is a phenomenon that is occurring throughout the world. With the elderly population of Singapore expected to double by 2030, health and social problems associated with an aging population will escalate. Indeed, the need for rehabilitative and support day care services to the aged and frail aged such as those provided by Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre has already become apparent. This centre is our first collaborative project with the Ministry Of Health. As a charitable organisation, Salem Welfare Services Limited has to raise at least $100,000 annually to meet the operating expenses of the Rehabilitation Centre.
"Thus far, we have been fortunate to have received grants from the Lee Foundation and many well wishers. On behalf of the Board of Directors of Salem Welfare Services, I would like to express my profound gratitude to all those who have been part of our combined effort to raise funds for the rehabilitation centre, either by giving generously in cash or kind.”


Message from the Chairman of Salem Chapel (Mr. Timothy Ng, Salem Chapel Board):

'Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. (Matthew 4:23)'

"The above is but one of the many records in the Bible which clearly shows how Jesus Christ related to the people in His time. Apart from teaching and sharing with them spiritual truths, He also catered to their bodily needs. What a wonderful model He left for us, the Christians in the 20th century. Faith in Jesus Christ is still relevant today because it offers not only the reconciliation with God through the death of Jesus on the Cross for our sins but also healing and relief for the whole person. The latter is experienced when Christians reach out to touch the lives of others in our community with love and compassion as Jesus did.

Chairman Mr. Timothy Ng: Let's reach out to touch the lives of others with love and compassion as Jesus did.

Salem Chapel, through her members and friends, is extremely pleased to be able to follow the example of Jesus and do our bit for the community by setting up the Salem Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly at Block 323, Yishun Central. The Centre opened its doors to service-users in 1997 and has been operating very successfully. Though the Centre is not big compared to those operated by some other organizations, much had to be done to both launch and operate it. The Centre is a charity and its operating costs are largely funded with donations from supporters. Volunteers also play an important role in providing a service which meets the needs of the heart and soul as well. That the Centre has been able to operate successfully is wholly due to the grace of God, the staff of the Centre and the many volunteers and supporters.”