Herein are a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding SWS and our work. They are subdivided by topic:

About SWS  
Pastoral Care  
Religious Status  
Volunteering & Jobs  
Funding, Donations & Security  
About SWS
How is Salem Welfare Services the same as or different from other Elderly Care establishments?
Salem Welfare Services is no different from other Elderly Care establishments in that it seeks to fulfill its role in community service by functioning as a VWO and working effectively to do so. Each Elder Care establishment varies according to individual chracteristics. At SWS, we take great pride in ensuring that we provide high standards of health care, daycare and rehabilitation.

Pastoral Care
What about Pastoral Care & Chapel Services at the Centre- are they optional?
Pastoral Care at the centre is optional. However, Pastoral care is very well received at the centre. Our elderly clients enjoy the interaction and have been known to have been greatly encouraged through it.
If I am or know of a family member who is interested in receiving counseling, what must I do?
Counseling sessions are available for registered clients of the centre or members of their family. Kindly inform the staff at the centre if you wish to receive counselling, and a scheduled session will be arranged.

Religious Status
As SWS is affiliated to a Church, is it a religious organisation?
Salem Welfare Services is not a religious organisation. It is affiliated to Salem Chapel, a Christian Church organisation. Salem Welfare Services itself functions as a Voluntary Welfare Organisation under the umbrella body of the National Council of Social Services. It does not impose or actively inculcate Christian beliefs, doctrines or principles on any of its elderly clients. It does however, conduct Pastoral Care & Chapel services, of which participation is optional.
Are the services available for Non-Christians or people of other beliefs?
Yes, all services at Salem Welfare Services are open to the public regardless of race, language or religion. Please read our terms of Eligibility.

What are VWOs?
According to the NCSS, Voluntary Welfare Organisations, or VWOs, are essentially organisations that are voluntary set-ups governed by an elected Board comprising volunteers. They are non-profit making, and cater to those in need, in distress or at-risk. They help the disadvantaged, disabled and underprivileged to be self-reliant in fulfilling their roles in their families and societies by providing financial, emotional, educational, health and social aid and support.


We will always try our best to answer all your queries!

Volunteering & Jobs
What is volunteering?
A volunteer is one who chooses to offer and commit one's time and energy and share his/her skills, talents, experiences and/ or expertise to programmes that benefit/ serve the disadvantaged or incapacitated in our community.
Do I have to commit regularly as a volunteer?
Volunteering can take as little as one hour a week and is left to you to decide how much time you are willing to invest. Volunteering for elderly care is preferably done on a regular basis, as much of elder care involves interaction with the elderly, and thus, relationships are formed. The volunteers who made the biggest impact and touched the lives of many in recent years had been those who forged meaningful friendships with the elderly. Volunteering can come in many other forms, for instance, cleaning the washrooms is an example of volunteering. In those circumstances, you can also volunteer on a short-term or ad-hoc basis.
Will I get paid? Is there any reimbursement?
Volunteers usually offer their services for free, but at some of our events like trips and outings, transportation and meals may be reimbursed depending on type of trips.
Who can be a volunteer and how do I start?
Anyone can volunteer, regardless of age, gender, wealth, or employment status (retirees have been very useful over the years!).
How do I apply to be a full-time or part-time Physiotherapist at the Centre?
If you have qualifications as a trained and experienced Physiotherapist, you may submit an application by mail to our address or simply contact our office directly.
Are there any Job opportunities at Salem Welfare Services where I get paid?
All job opportunities must be made by telephone or personally at our office. There are positions for counsellors, cleaners and a driver from time to time.

Funding, Donations & Security
How is funding for Salem Welfare Services garnered?
Salem Welfare Services relies on the funds it raises and on donations, to provide the services to the elderly. Money has to be raised every year, and SWS thanks all donors and caregivers, as well as Salem Chapel for their relentless support.
What happened to the NCSS Online Donation Portal?
The NCSS Online Donation Portal was run by the National Council of Social Services and as of 2010 has been changed to SG Gives ( However, Salem Welfare Services is not currently listed on the SG Gives list of Charities as yet.