It is more Blessed to Give than to Receive!

Thank you for inquiring about donations to Salem Welfare Services. Salem Welfare Services is a registered Voluntary Welfare Organisation in Singapore, and as such, is both supported by our parent organisation (Salem Chapel Church), but also, by the generous gifts and donations from all over Singapore, who have freely been giving in kindness and out of charity.

How Can I Mail In my Donation?

Donations can simply be sent it in to the following address:


1-7 Thomson Hills Drive Singapore 574746

NB: All Donations made to Salem Welfare Services by Cheque are to be crossed & made payable to SALEM WELFARE SERVICES LTD. Kindly Note also that Tax-deductible receipt/s will only be issued upon request for donations of SGD$50 and above.

Making Their Day: There are many more ways to give besides donations too!

We appreciate any donations as they go toward stewarding and running the centre, for the betterment of the lives of the elderly in Singapore. As such, we are thankful for your partnership with us as generous donors! If you wish to read SWS' Annual Financial Report and our statutory accounts, you may download our 2017 Annual Report here: SWS Annual Report 2017.pdf and our 2015 Audit report here: SWS Ltd Audited Financial Statements 2017.pdf