At SWS, we provide Diet and Medication Intake Management as part of our Daycare programme. A large proportion of our elderly clients are dependent on others for their intake of medication.

Our staff keep a careful watch with close supervision and guidance on their daily intake of medication and prescriptions. Every member of the SWS staff is equipped with the knowledge of basic dietary nutritional facts. They educate the elderly on dietary requirements and healthy food choices.

Medication Intake is monitored
  Some of our elderly clients have complicated medical history. That is why it is important that SWS staff members personally speak and discuss with the elderly clients individually about their specific dietary needs and restrictions to ensure they consume a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins and minerals. At SWS, we take pride in having our staff seek to understand each client's health and dietary status personally. 

Makan Time: Elderly users await their lunch servings

  It is through this vital connection between the staff and the elderly users that SWS maintains high levels of dietary care and medication intake management. Staff are trained to understand clinical instructions. Hence they are able to assist the elderly with their consumption of medication. Cooked food provided at the Centre is hygienic, and prepared with care.

Even at restaurants or food Centres staff keep watch carefully over their elderly charges

SWS understands the importance of providing healthy, balanced and nutritional meals for clients that are free of cholesterol. Occasionally, trips to local restaurants and food centres are given as treats. The hearty meal together encourages bonding.  

Staff and the Users having a meal together