Who says being elderly means you have to be incapacitated? Who says being elderly means you have to sit around bored all day? Well, if you agree that the answers to both questions is a big 'NO', that's where activities come in. Daycare Activities at SWS is all about working on the premise that no matter how old or frail a person is, with the exception of medically inhibited cases, a person can still perform and get involved in activities and have fun filled experiences to stay active.  
Therapeutic Games
  Socio-recreational activities promote mental and spiritual well-being of service users and at SWS, our elderly clients enjoy and are kept engaged in many Daycare activities.

One of the areas of activities is: Interactive therapeutic games. At SWS, the focus is not on the activity itself, but more so on fostering the willing participation and active enthusiasm of each elderly client.

Games improve co-ordination and mental alertness as part of cognitive training


These games are not only fun and stimulating but help promote socialization, interaction and bonding among the elderly clients and the staff and volunteers. From the therapeutic viewpoint these games also help improve co-ordination (especially hand-eye) and provide for improvement in mental alertness as part of cognitive training.

A Volunteer aids the elderly as they play some interactive games. Cool huh! Oh, be careful with that rubber band now!

Engaging the Elderly
Engaging the interests of the elderly as they tend to lose interest easily and have shortened attention spans.

At SWS, staff and volunteers are determined to reinvigorate the elderly by actively engaging them in mental and physical activities to rejuvenate.

Mental and Physical Activity
  SWS believes in active engagement of the elderly for rejuvenation and Mental activity, is just as critical as physical activity. SWS strives for an adequate balance of both mental and physical, and hence it is common for the elderly to have a program of playing simple ball games, or do bowling followed by mental games like dartboard mathematics.  

Guest Singers invited in to entertain the elderly


Singing and Hobby-Crafts

There are also 'Sing-a-long' sessions, opportunities for Hobby-crafts (e.g. art) and special interests that are made available weekly, as they also constitute mental activities. The hobby crafts range from paper crafts or basic 'origami' to reaction games like 'Bingo'.

SWS is pleased to report that so far, there has been good news in that the elderly have shown positive responses and encouraging signs and reinvigorated enthusiasm for all such activity.

"You're only as young as you want to be" and the elderly need us to provide them with this belief!

One of several ways to engage the elderly: Sing-spiration and opportunities for them to engage in their hobbies