Welcome to Salem Welfare Services Singapore! Our goal of elderly care is undertaken by the Daycare & Rehabilitation Centre - established in 1997 to provide low cost care and community-based Rehabilitation.

We provide elderly care and rehabilitation for all eligible members of the community through a fully committed and trained team of staff. Our services include physiotherapy, exercise, socio-recreational activities, nursing care and day care facilities.

Salem Welfare Services: Where Staff & Our Elderly Clients form a family of support based on care, patience and understanding

We also provide counseling and training for family members so that they too can care for the elderly in their own homes.

In the busy climate of Singapore, many elderly folk are left lonely and some do not even have family or caregivers to take care of them in their homes. SWS aims to provide care for these folk where possible, without substituting the role of their own families. With God's continued blessings and the strong support and love from friends, families and donors for this centre, we hope to be able to expand our services and do more for the community in the near future!